Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In Love for 36 Months

Dear Honey,

I can still remember that old feeling I had when I was told that you were looking for me during that company outing 3 years ago....that surprised...clueless feeling....and to be honest, i loved that feeling (only realized it after a couple of months)...i never knew then how much that initial feeling would bring so much impact in my life.. i never thought how an "unexpected" love would be this happy and exciting...

We've been through a lot....and I'm just so thankful and happy for everything that we have gone through - good and bad- every experience that we had together has given me so much learning and allowed me to mature and love life even more...

I know I may have judged you wrongly in the past, said things that hurt you, brought so much pain in your heart, and for all of these, I am sincerely sorry... I sometimes do the most stupid things and say the most unfair words...and I'm just thankful for each new day because it would mean another day of making up for all my shortcomings... it would mean another day of loving you :)

Thank you for always being a friend, for saying the right things when I am disappointed with life or with other people, for making me laugh when I tend to be so serious, for being strong when I'm weak, for holding my hand when I'm lost, for making me happy when I'm sad, for being honest when I'm harsh, for teaching me a lot of things, for being so patient and forgiving.. and most especially for being true... :))

I've been in love with you for 36 months and I'm still counting for more.. :)

I am very thankful and blessed for having you :) I never thought that I could be this happy, and I have you to thank for.

Happy Anniversary honey! I love you! ...always have...always will :)